Photo Gallery

 My Big Fat Photo Essay, first posted on June 23, 2011 (3 weeks after my competition)
From Dowdy Ass-Kicking Feminist

Photo essays are supposed to speak for themselves, as if the meanings of images are obvious and the same for each viewer. Well I think we all know what bullshit that is, especially after the Family of Man fiasco at the Museum of Modern Art in 1955. All  the same I will keep my comments to a minimum as I document my transformation from angry reproductive rights activist (well I am still one of those) to dehydrated bikini exhibitionist. Enjoy, and as always, I welcome your feedback.

To Hot Ass-Kicking Feminist (Five Years Later) Photo: David Ford
This one photo represents about 1,000 hours of training. DYT is restraining my monstrous traps while I try to grow my lats. Photo: Patrick Reed
I love meat hammer. Photo: Lee Spence
Endless food prep. Photo: Patrick Reed
I have bi- monthly posing lessons (but still suck due to personal limitations). Photo: Patrick Reed
I practice at my gym too, usually wearing only a bra and booty shorts when in the ladies’ area. Sorry ladies. Photo: Audrey Shepherd
G-Smash paints me with Jan Tana the night before the competition. DAD shoots us while precariously perched in the bathtub. Photo: Patrick Reed               
First stop: hair dresser. Everyone loves big hair. Photo: Patrick Reed
At this point I look just like French King Louis XIV, with similar dining habits/See what I mean? This makes me very happy. Photo: Patrick Reed
My body is no longer my own. And I like it. Photo: Patrick Reed
My partner tapes my suit to my ass. Too bad we forgot to tape the top! Photo: Patrick Reed
‘Hi, I’m the tits lady!’ I am called back to the front after my bra falls off, deciding to make the most of it. Photo: Patrick Reed

Touch ups in betwen prejudging and the evening show. Photo: Patrick Reed
The ride was great; I learned a lot; I will never compete again. Photo: Patrick Reed

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