ASK A TRAINER: “What Should I Eat Right After Working Out?”

zzzzzzzz lift and bitch 033Dear Fitbabe

Could you give me some ideas on what to eat after my workout? I’m confused by all the information out there!



Great question! Many people leave the gym feeling tired and hungry and want something quick to eat before they get too ravenous and end up binging!

Post workout, you want to ensure that you replenish your glycogen stores and take advantage of this “window of opportunity” where your body is literally begging for nutrients. If you have worked hard and depleted your stores it is essential to feed your body and allow recovery to take place. First you should have a good pre-workout meal within the hour before training, and then immediately consume a meal after completing your work out.

Below are a few examples of simple snacks to eat post workout:

Egg whites with a yam or sweet potato

Oatmeal with dates and a protein shake

Lean protein over brown rice or whole wheat pasta

Greek Yogurt with fruit

Tuna or turkey sandwich on whole wheat roll

Scrambled eggs, toast and fruit (watermelon)

Oatmeal with raisins and a protein shake

Lean Protein wrap with a whole grain tortilla or pita

Fruit Smoothie made with protein powder and coconut milk

Egg whites with whole grain bread or whole grain bagel thin with a side of fruit

Protein shake with oatmeal and unsweetened applesauce

Breakfast burrito with egg whites, veggies, black brand and a whole grain tortilla

The quantities of these foods will be different for everyone based on his or her current fitness goals and training intensity!

Again, please submit any questions you may have regarding your fitness goals to, on, or on Feminist Figure Girl’s facebook page.



Deanna Harder: Fitness Leadership Diploma, CSEP-CPT (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology-Certified Personal Trainer), and Figure Competitor

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Deanna Harder is a college-certified, highly knowledgeable personal trainer, with over 20 years of experience. In addition to running her own business in Edmonton, she has competed in 6 figure competitions, and is always ready for a new challenge. Fitness Leadership Diploma, CSEP-CPT (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology-Certified Personal Trainer)

2 thoughts on “ASK A TRAINER: “What Should I Eat Right After Working Out?”

  1. I’ve had just about everything on that menu since I started the South Beach diet in 2006. Except I’d throw some black beans in that breakfast burrito!

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