Blurred Lines: I Don’t Want It (Guest Post with Sexual Assault Trigger Warning)

tulle-bateau-neckline-ball-gown-wedding-dress-with-cap-sleevesThere were no secret reservations. So many lovely people attended the wedding of my best friend and her beloved. I met a great guy. I spent time with old friends. I made new friends like Dave and Sally. They had been married for seven years. Dave and Sally seemed quiet, somewhat reserved at first and then this gradually transitioned into more relaxed, banter-filled interactions. I usually judge comfort with people based on the amount of shared stories or tagline-jokes. I was a fan of Dave’s because he seemed funny; Sally’s because she said the wrong things at the worst times—and she wore the cutest dress to the wedding!

Imagine my shock when later in the evening I found Dave’s hand on my ass. Continue reading