Training in the Moment

uplay2After stashing my purse in the corner of the indoor playground, I jump on the wide blue trampoline, rising higher and higher. The stress of the week leaves my upper back and neck regions. A bolt of freedom shoots from my entrails to the top of my head. I relish the sheer physicality of the moment, without a care in the world.

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Obesity and the Environment

water, peace and warAre fat people destroying the environment? Yes, says Brahma Chellaney, a professor of strategic studies at the Center for Policy Research in New Delhi. According to Chellaney, the “obesity epidemic” is a key cause of the global water crisis. He writes that:

  • Growing prosperity, population size, and economic development are not the only factors behind the soaring consumption [of water]: the global population is also getting fatter, especially in wealthier countries. This promises to have a big impact on water demand, as fat people consume more water-intensive resources like food and energy than those who are fit, thus indirectly driving over-exploitation of natural resources, deforestation, and the release of greenhouse gases (Water, Peace, and War: Confronting the Global Water Crisis, 2013, xiii).

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We Know Jack Shit about Nutrition

This guy knows nothing about nutrition. Neither do you.

This guy knows practically nothing about nutrition. Neither do you.

This week I went to a lunch time talk by James McCormack, PhD Pharmacy, called “Nutrition and the Evidence Conundrum: What We Know (Very Little) and What We Will Likely Never Know (A Lot) About Nutrition.” Although the title caught my interest, I attended for more sinister reasons. The poster promised free snacks and I was desperate for new blog material. Though my life is busy these days—mostly deciding whether my son’s poo is “normal,” “semi-soft” or “in need of prunes”—not much of what I do is worth discussing. I continue to work out 5-6 days a week, lifting weights, enjoying full-body training with DYT, and teaching spin classes. In fact, I have done 795 push-ups so far this month. Bored shitless yet? Continue reading

Fitness Journeys: Guest Post by Hissy Fit


View of Ezio Faraone Park, aka best bootcamp site in Edmonton

At 37 years old, I have the most body fat I’ve ever had in my life. Except, possibly, for when I was in my mid-20s. At that point, my teenage metabolism had all but stopped and the weight was creeping on faster than a basement flood in spring.

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