Responses to FFG: Five Years Later

Five long years ago.

Five long years ago.

Exactly five years ago, I was standing on stage during an amateur figure competition, dehydrated and feeling like crap. It seems like a lifetime has passed since then. I rarely think about those days anymore, though I sometimes consider the book I wrote afterwards, inspired by the embodied experience of prepping for and analyzing the process of becoming a figure girl. Continue reading

Listen to Fitbabe and FFG

This post features the voices of Fitbabe and FFG.

First hear Fitbabe discuss her fitness career and philosophy with Jay Scott at Full Disclosure Fitness. Listen to the podcast here:

Then tune in to hear FFG speak about body image with Gianmarco Visconti on CJSR Radio, the student station at the University of Alberta:

One Year After My Figure Show: Guest Post by PDDs

PDDs backstage during her Figure competition in June 2012.

PDDs backstage during her Figure competition in June 2013.

At this time last year I was working towards my goal of competing in the Figure category of the 2013 ABBA Bodybuilding show. The past 11 months have been filled with many ups and downs as well as some nearly epic fails. Yet somehow, I’ve managed to succeed!

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How Doing a Figure Show Changed My Life, Slightly

Overall view of the x theatre during figure medium group (with Fitbabe).

Overall view of the Maclab Theatre in downtown Edmonton, with the Figure Medium class on stage (Fitbabe is at the back, second from the left). All photos courtesy of FFG’s crappy camera.

On Saturday June 01, I finished up my cardio and headed over to the Northern Alberta Bodybuilding Championships to watch PDDs and Fitbabe compete in Figure. Continue reading