How to Get Shit Done and Feel Accomplished

I do not usually give sanctimonious advice. Nor do I promote lists meant to “improve your life” in easy steps. In my experience, people rarely change in fundamental ways. Who you are by age 20 is a pretty good indication of your future, though someone recently told me that temperament and character emerge clearly before a child turns two. All the same, I am about to provide you with a series of tips encouraging you to be more productive and goal oriented. I decided to write this post after several people asked me for help, wondering: How can I multi-task, be more efficient, and simply get more shit done in a day? What is your secret, oh great goddess FFG? Continue reading

Embodied Identity

Book by Kim TallBear

Book by Kim TallBear

Last week I went to a symposium on my campus called “Indigenous Foucault”  ( A number of brilliant First Nations and indigenous scholars reworked the influential theories of French philosopher Michel Foucault (d. 1984). It was an inspiring and challenging occasion, though not a particularly relaxing one for me. I focused on listening, which is not my strong point, and shutting the fuck up, which is always hard for a white person to do.  Continue reading

My Slump: Guest Post by Deanna Harder, aka Fitbabe

Time to be honest!

I’ve been in a funk friends. Down and out. Been full of self-doubt, having anxiety attacks for no reason and just generally unhappy. In the beginning I thought it was related to my body image issues. I’m training hard, eating well (maybe too well) but feel like I’m getting fatter. I feel disgusting.  It’s frustrating. I want to live like a happy, fit lady who doesn’t have to follow a restrictive diet to look good. I guess that’s too much to ask. Anyway, that’s another rant. Continue reading

Fast Sexism: The Tim Hunt Case

It's hard not to fall in love with this science guy. Thankfully I am safely in the lady world of the arts.

It’s hard not to fall in love with this science guy. Thankfully I am safe in the lady world of the arts.

British scientist Tim Hunt recently made sexist remarks and caused an uproar in the media. Hunt won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 2001, and is well known in his profession. In June 2015 he suddenly blew up, becoming a household name and attracting as many online lovers as haters. Continue reading

Mirror Image: Guest Post by Anne Pratt

iphone pic I put on facebook

iphone pic I put on facebook

Do you remember the first time you saw yourself in a mirror? Highly unlikely. You probably can’t remember the first time you saw a photograph of yourself either. If you were born after Fisher Price invented crib toys, you probably had a mirror before you could walk or talk. Knowing what we look like is integral and essential to the way we live in the early 21st century. With digital cameras in every phone, not only can we capture our image whenever we want to, we can practice poses, check out angles, smudge over the blemishes, and create an image that presents to the world the face we want, even if it isn’t necessarily the face we have. I know – I’ve done it. Continue reading