ASK A TRAINER: “How Do I Get Rid of Belly Fat?”

zzzzzzzz lift and bitch 033Fitbabe here, answering a question I get asked daily: Is there really a way to get rid of belly fat?

If you think that belly fat is just an issue for people who are overweight, think again — even people who are at a healthy weight and exercise regularly can have it. There’s no such thing as a “perfect” body, so what’s the big deal if your stomach isn’t flat? Well, it goes beyond mere aesthetics.

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Use Umami to Cut Sugar, Salt, and Fat from Your Diet: A Guest Post by Kick and Glide

Our fondness for sweets is innate. The taste of glucose goes right to the brain, to the hypothalamus, a primitive region related to reward, emotion and a sense of well being, stimulating the release of dopamine. In other words we are hard-wired to love sweetness. The only way to cope is to walk away, or in my case, run like hell.

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Meet the Woman who Kicks FFG’s Ass: Personal Trainer Audrey Shepherd

Behold the Monster Girl, aka DYT, aka Audrey Shepherd.

Behold DYT, aka Monster Girl, aka Audrey Shepherd.

You might know Audrey better as DYT, the Delightful Young Trainer who whipped me into better shape for my figure competition in June 2011, after G-Smash, my original trainer, decided to devote herself full-time to bodybuilding. Audrey’s nickname is apt, for she is indeed delightful. When Audrey recently opened her own business in a studio near the campus where I work, I was happy to start training with her again. She is at once sweet, supportive, and tough—willing to push me to work harder every session. I look forward to and enjoy every single work out with her, especially the boxing sessions which my back fondly remembers for about a week afterwards. I recently sent Audrey a list of questions about her life as an athlete and personal trainer, and paste her responses below. Continue reading

Guest Post: What are You Putting into Your Body? (and flushing down the toilet?)

by Lorrie

I dumped my McDonald’s cheeseburger into the garbage with disgust. Feeling very hungry, I had ordered two cheeseburgers during a quick stop on our road trip to the cottage, hoping that they would provide me with a bit of protein. All the same, I simply could not consume the second cheeseburger, which tasted like cardboard and contained a small hard white lump (of something?) in its first bite. As a parent of young children, I am aware that McDonald’s hamburgers are not processed in a safe manner. According to a Facebook post by Jillian Michaels, they actually contain ammonia. I am ashamed to admit that my family and I still occasionally (although rarely) go to this fast food chain. Why you may ask? Probably for the same reason that other parents go. Continue reading

Are the Obese an Endangered Species?

Here is a joke that my LSP recently told me. The setting is a job interview. 161

Interviewer: “What would you say is your worst quality?”

Candidate: “I have to admit that I am brutally honest.”

Interviewer: “Why, I don’t think that honesty is a negative personality trait at all!”

Candidate: “I really don’t give a flying fuck what you think.” Continue reading