Cultures of CrossFit: The Good, the Bad, and the Zombies

Renaissance CrossFitter

Renaissance CrossFitter who is equally ready for Zumba.

As promised, here is a discussion of CrossFit by Fitbabe and myself. To be clear, it is not a rant against CrossFit, and CrossFitters who assume as much, immediately responding to our arguments in a defensive way, might want to ask themselves these questions: Why am I so invested in this practice? What does it really mean to me and my identity? Does the CrossFit method encourage blind devotion and mechanical responses—both physical and emotional—in its hardcore followers? As a non-practitioner, I am more interested in broader questions; I primarily want to think about why CrossFit is suddenly so popular, especially in the United States. Fitbabe is the fitness expert at, and she will address  some of the physiological aspects of CrossFit. Continue reading

ASK A TRAINER: Should I Try CrossFit?

Hi Fitbabe, My friends are trying to get me to join them in doing CrossFit! I am not in very good shape, and usually just do cardio on the elliptical for 30 minutes 3 times a week. I never lift weights, but they told me that it doesn’t matter and that I can just jump into the “workout of the day” and they will modify it for me! I am worried. Any advice? Thanks, from Samantha Continue reading