From Sexy to Safe: How Being Fat Might Save My Life (Guest Post by Crystal Fraser)


Crystal 2007: Slim and Sexy in Las Vegas. Photo Credit: Crystal Fraser

Crystal 2007: Slim and Sexy in Las Vegas. Photo Credit: Crystal Fraser

I was walking down a dark bike path, cell phone in hand, noting the sound of every step and scuffle strangers made on the cold, wet pavement. I was in Ottawa undertaking the final phase of my archival research for my PhD dissertation and this was the evening of a particularly long and intense day; we had been in lockdown in a federal building after the murder of Nathan Cirillo and the dramatic events that unfolded at Parliament’s Centre Block. On uber-high alert, I consistently reminded myself why I needed to pay such close attention to every detail of my surroundings. “Okay self. First: last news update. There may be suspects still at large. Fuck. Second: You are an Indigenous woman and statistically have a one-in-three chance of being sexually assaulted. Fuck. Third: No one better mess with me. I have an umbrella, a set of keys, and a large purse and I am not afraid to use them. Double fuck.” Trying to dismiss all of the above, I attempted to rationalize the uncertainty of my situation. “Listen here self: you don’t have to worry about that strange man walking behind you. You’ll be safe you cause you are FAT! Hahahaha – joke is on him! Wait…what?” Continue reading

We Know Jack Shit about Nutrition

This guy knows nothing about nutrition. Neither do you.

This guy knows practically nothing about nutrition. Neither do you.

This week I went to a lunch time talk by James McCormack, PhD Pharmacy, called “Nutrition and the Evidence Conundrum: What We Know (Very Little) and What We Will Likely Never Know (A Lot) About Nutrition.” Although the title caught my interest, I attended for more sinister reasons. The poster promised free snacks and I was desperate for new blog material. Though my life is busy these days—mostly deciding whether my son’s poo is “normal,” “semi-soft” or “in need of prunes”—not much of what I do is worth discussing. I continue to work out 5-6 days a week, lifting weights, enjoying full-body training with DYT, and teaching spin classes. In fact, I have done 795 push-ups so far this month. Bored shitless yet? Continue reading

Motherhood is Bad for Your Health: A Dialogue Between FFG and Hissy Fit

FFG poses in a lame ass way on May 16. This is my "before" photo, as I am ready to get serious about getting back into shape.

FFG poses in a lame ass way on May 16. This is my “before” photo, taken nearly 4 months after my caesarean operation. Watch for monthly update pics as I get back into shape.

Feminist Figure Girl: Well Hissy Fit, complaining about motherhood is absolutely forbidden, especially to those who have healthy, happy infants. So are you ready to break a social taboo and piss off a lot of people?

Hissy Fit: Bring it.

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ASK A TRAINER: “Can I Lose Fat during a 20 Minute Workout?”

zzzzzzzz lift and bitch 033Ask a Trainer Question of the month!

Hey D! I just read your last post on Lianne’s blog about belly fat. Now there is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. I had an idea for another topic, although I’m sure you already have thousands; it is something I’ve always wanted to know: “Do you need to exercise for more than 30 minutes at a time to burn fat?” There are so many different time saving exercise programs out there now, like Tabata, 20 minute interval training etc. As a busy mom, I’m intrigued by this concept of the shorter workout, but am not sure that it would actually burn fat.

Thanks D,

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Getting Back into Shape

It's all my fault.

It’s all my fault.

It’s hard not to get upset when you start back at the gym after a prolonged period away. I was off for two full months while recovering from a caesarean section, forbidden by my doctor from lifting anything over ten pounds. I was inclined to follow his advice after reading online descriptions of post-partum women who had ripped their stomachs open by training too soon after surgery. Although I had worked out seriously until I was 8 months pregnant, and then in a somewhat lame-ass way until two days before giving birth, I was shocked by how quickly my fitness level declined. Previously I had done shitloads of full chin-ups, but now I am back on the assisted pull-up machine, managing five sets of five slowly with 50 pounds of weight counterbalancing me. And as for full push-ups? Forget it. I have returned to my knees. How the mighty have fallen. It is truly humiliating.

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