Ask a Trainer: Is Working Out Damaging My Joints?

zzzzzzzz lift and bitch 033Hi Deanna, Why am I getting calcium or bony build up in my fingers from working out (I am a yoga instructor)? Does this occur in other forms of training? Is it a problem? My doctors are not being helpful; meanwhile, my fingers are increasingly painful. From Yogababe

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Best Food Guide Ever

Hearty Tuscan food lovingly prepared by Dutch Oven.

Hearty Tuscan food lovingly prepared by Dutch Oven.

I have been thinking about “food ways,” both because it is a hot topic in the field of early modern studies, and also because I am in Italy, learning from the experts. For the most part, traditional Tuscan food is locally grown, available at colourful markets, and prepared simply, without added ingredients. I love to order spinach as a contorni at a restaurant because it tastes exactly like spinach with a hint of fresh olive oil and maybe some garlic. There is no need to disguise that wonderful flavour. Yet the most important part of Italian food is not the items grown and consumed; it is the culture of food, which includes a great respect for preparing and enjoying meals in social settings. Italians typically take hours to have lunch each day with their friends and families. Much to the surprise and shock of North Americans, shops and businesses will close between noon and 2 or 3 pm (sometimes for the entire afternoon). “How can the Italian economy survive?” Continue reading

How to Milk a Chicken: Guest Post by Kick and Glide

Kick and Glide tells you how to roast the perfect chicken.

Kick and Glide tells you how to roast the perfect chicken.

Roast chicken is my favourite comfort food. The oven warms the house and the smell warms my heart. It makes the whole house smell heavenly. I like the prep and especially the anticipation of sitting down to dinner.

Roast chicken is not fast food, but it is fairly easy. Here’s my approach to roasting a chicken that will save you time and money and give you oodles of flavour. The key is planning. Continue reading

Listen to Fitbabe and FFG

This post features the voices of Fitbabe and FFG.

First hear Fitbabe discuss her fitness career and philosophy with Jay Scott at Full Disclosure Fitness. Listen to the podcast here:

Then tune in to hear FFG speak about body image with Gianmarco Visconti on CJSR Radio, the student station at the University of Alberta: