The “Fat” Female Body (in Pursuit of Happiness)

598443_10151099828966916_1733465844_nI have a confession to make, and then an apology. Lately, I have been more contemplative than pissy. I have been a honey creative writer, not a honey badger. That sucks for you. The good news is that I am building up to a rant. This post is not exactly a full-on rant, and for that I am sorry. My wordpress statistics indicate that you like FFG best when she is angry. So from now on, I will do more to please you. Tossing thoughtfulness aside, I will curse, swear, and fulminate. After all, I can improve. Or can I? Continue reading

Cruel Observations Made Between Fresno and San Francisco

While pretending to read a book, I gaze at the passengers slowly filing onto the small airplane, watching them adjust to the shallow centre aisle, searching for their place. I am fascinated by how people live their bodies, noting how others occupy space, navigate different air densities, and shift from positions of rest toward movement.  Continue reading

A Skinny-Fat Girl Responds to HAES (guest blogger)

I first came across the Health at Every Size movement almost eight months ago, while in an anthropology class at the University of Alberta. My professor assigned Rothblum and Solovay’s The Fat Studies Reader as a required textbook, which immediately caught my attention; I had of course heard of gender studies, race studies, and queer studies, but fat studies? What, I wondered, could be said about fatness? Continue reading

FAT! No Excuse (by a Guest Blogger)

The HAES (Health at Every Size) philosophy promotes the idea that you can be healthy even if your BMI is not within the “optimal range.” That you can enjoy life, and feel good about yourself, despite what the mirror, the scales, the tape measure, or your grandmother tells you. Eat without drama, move with joy and let the rest take care of itself. No counting of calories. No monitoring of heart rates.  No scheduled maintenance. Just being alive and healthy. What an incredible concept! Continue reading