Are Breast Implants Fat Phobic?


I would rather travel than have big boobs.

I would rather travel and contribute to my pension fund than have big boobs.

I enjoy looking at bare breasts in the change room at my gym. I do it brazenly, out of curiosity. I am constantly amazed by how many women have breast implants these days, especially women who appear to be in their early 20s. These young ladies shelled out a lot of money (whether their cash or somebody else’s), undergoing the risks and pain of surgery simply to make their breasts look larger. Continue reading

Heartache for Alan Kurdi


I have been bursting into tears at regular intervals. Sometimes it’s full-out sobbing when I am alone, like last night when I was writing this post. At other times, my throat wells up and a few tears trickle out in public, including right before I taught my first class last week. Did my students notice my trembling voice? Did the woman who served me an Edo Japan lunch remark on my puffy eyes? Did anyone taste salty tears in the dish I brought to the welcome back pot luck? I usually hide my emotions, but this time it is impossible. I am heartbroken. Continue reading

Why I Wear Men’s Shirts to the Gym: Guest Post by Hissy Fit



catcalls2Since moving to a new city a few months ago, my fitness routine — and my life in general — has drastically changed.  And not for the better.  After the dust of moving settled, I have simply been astounded at the rampant misogyny that exists here.  I was going to say I was “culture shocked,” but that’s too polite.  It’s not culture shock.  It’s pure old-fashioned sexism.  Continue reading

My Slump: Guest Post by Deanna Harder, aka Fitbabe


Time to be honest!

I’ve been in a funk friends. Down and out. Been full of self-doubt, having anxiety attacks for no reason and just generally unhappy. In the beginning I thought it was related to my body image issues. I’m training hard, eating well (maybe too well) but feel like I’m getting fatter. I feel disgusting.  It’s frustrating. I want to live like a happy, fit lady who doesn’t have to follow a restrictive diet to look good. I guess that’s too much to ask. Anyway, that’s another rant. Continue reading

Ask A Trainer: Should Pre-Teen Girls Lift Weights?


zzzzzzzz lift and bitch 033Dear Fitbabe,

The other day my 12-year-old daughter pointed to her legs, stating that she “needed to do something about them.” When I questioned her, she said that she wished to gain muscle in order to have toned legs. My daughter is quite slim and about 5’10 inches tall, with long legs. She already plays soft ball and takes swimming lessons. How should I respond to her desire for muscular legs? Continue reading

Fast Sexism: The Tim Hunt Case


It's hard not to fall in love with this science guy. Thankfully I am safely in the lady world of the arts.

It’s hard not to fall in love with this science guy. Thankfully I am safe in the lady world of the arts.

British scientist Tim Hunt recently made sexist remarks and caused an uproar in the media. Hunt won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 2001, and is well known in his profession. In June 2015 he suddenly blew up, becoming a household name and attracting as many online lovers as haters. Continue reading

Efficient Workouts: Why I am Lifting Weights Faster


Lift Weights Faster with Jen Sinkler

Lift Weights Faster with Jen Sinkler

I recently purchased Jen Sinkler’s Lift Weights Faster, a library of body weight, kettlebell, and barbell workouts. I love training and look forward to it, but these days I am pressed for time, not to mention sore from lifting and carrying around my built-like-a-hockey-player son. Continue reading

The Tanned and Butt Ugly: Photos I Cannot Resist Showing You


This gallery contains 32 photos.

After finishing my book, which is now in the hands of external referees, I realized that many photographs—taken by the incomparable artist and designer Patrick J. Reed—could not be included in it. I think his images offer feminist interventions in the often heteronormative, … Continue reading