Guest Post by RenMan: The Process of Physical Creativity (ain’t that creative)

A while back I was posed a pretty open-ended question regarding how my creative endeavours influenced and were shaped by my unrelenting desire to, as FFG puts it, ‘pick up heavy shit, put it down again, and then pick it back up’.  Continue reading

Guest Post by RenMan: What is Up with Guys and Napping?

Okay, I figure that there are two types of people in the world – those that nap, and those that actually abstain from a good nap’s restful benefits and want to look older, carry more stress, recuperate more slowly, and generally be grumpy fuckers. Continue reading

Flash Dance Ass Pants: RenMan Writes

So I had the shittiest, busiest work week ever, texting my special friend RenMan to explain why I would not be making it to the gym that week. Yes, for the first time in about 20 years, I did not train for a full 6 days in a row. And yes it was horrible. So when I told Ren that I was totally stressed out and praying for death to take me, he kindly offered to help. That was a big mistake, for I immediately asked him to write a guest blog. I did so, however, not simply because I was too busy even to bathe— Continue reading