Guest Post by RenMan: ‘What is Your Definition of Cheating?’

RenMan is a mid-thirties professional artisan with interests spanning from visual art and literature to hardcore weight training to culinary experimentation and beyond. Ask him any question and, if he can get off his lazy ass, you may get an answer.  Ask RenMan—He’s full of shit, but only sometimes! Continue reading

Flash Dance Ass Pants: RenMan Writes

So I had the shittiest, busiest work week ever, texting my special friend RenMan to explain why I would not be making it to the gym that week. Yes, for the first time in about 20 years, I did not train for a full 6 days in a row. And yes it was horrible. So when I told Ren that I was totally stressed out and praying for death to take me, he kindly offered to help. That was a big mistake, for I immediately asked him to write a guest blog. I did so, however, not simply because I was too busy even to bathe— Continue reading